We Made Art Out Of 100,000+ Gummy Bears

I’m Melissa Rachel Ebony, I’m a musician situated in Portland/LA. I’ve been making art with gummi bears for the past 7 many years and in line with the responses of passersby to my studio and programs, i do believe you could also get an enormous kick away from all of them. You can view much more on site or Flickr.

Laughter, curiosity and childlike research play essential functions within my work. I’d like visitors to feel welcome to have it, asked, and appreciated. We don’t want all of them to feel closed aside just as if these are typically missing an internal laugh. But, we additionally strive for level and complexity, enabling the audience to locate much deeper definition beneath their particular very first effect.

Young ones and grownups alike connect to the straightforward happiness of recognizing my projects are produced away from genuine gummy bears. This alone, the pleasure noticeable within their figures whenever that spark ignites is worth the planet in my experience. And may the audience elect to explore much deeper, they may discover the link with present battles. As an example, Gummy Obama is melted. The united states is in serious straits at this time, and I also believe a lot of us feel deflated, melted, down in the present governmental environment. I really hope it would likely motivate visitors to act.