Awe-inspiring Parallel Worlds by Karezoid Michal Karcz

Some music artists reach the idea whenever their particular typical method or strategy begins to restrict their particular visions. This is just what took place to a Polish singer Michal Karcz which discovered that artwork plus the ordinary black area photography methods didn’t enable him to completely recognize their potential.

Produced in 1977 in Warsaw, the graduate for the senior school of this Arts was enthusiastic about artwork. Nevertheless, within the very early 90’s, he became attracted to photography simply to recognize that the dark-room practices alone had been almost because restrictive as the paintbrush and fabric. Luckily for us, the establishing technology permitted him to mix the 2 with the aid of some electronic resources.

“This photography and computer software provided me with the chance to create special realities being impractical to produce with ordinary dark area techniques,” says Michal.

Nearly all of their work is “a trip to your locations which don’t exist”. They’re locations from Michal’s ambitions, desires, imagination and worries. Do you want to journey?