Illustrator Reimagines Junk Food Mascots As Anime Characters Now Everybody Would Like To Review Their Particular Manga

Ever really tried to imagine just how popular fastfood string mascots would look when they were anime characters? Ozumii Wizard has actually, and she’s showing the complete Web!

The electronic musician from Philippines whom goes on title Ozumii Wizard features reimagined different fast-food mascots and switched all of them into awesome anime characters. Through the mascots of KFC to McDonald’s to Starbucks – she actually is drawn all of it! Carry on scrolling to test all of them out plus don’t forget to vote for the preferences.

1# Kfc, Colonel Sanders

2# Starbucks

3# Wendy And Ronald Mcdonald

4# Wendy

5# Ronald Mcdonald

6# Burger King

7# Dairy Queen

8# Hamburglar

9# Teavana

10# Jack-in-the-box